NPO Results: “The winner takes it all”

Mamma Mia! With the arrival of the National Portfolio Organisation results from Arts Council England comes disillusion for some organisations, while others are head over heels. “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” the arts organisations yelled, “we want money, money, money”, and some indeed did get their money for the next four years. Whilst others, sadly, discovered this was their Waterloo. When all is said and done the winner takes it all, as that is the name of the game. Come with me as we look at which organisations will go on and on and on…and which won’t.

To liven up quite a boring post then try and find all the Abba song titles, answers on a postcard.

Cast – £1,280,000

Cast performance venue, Doncaster (Muse) 3

Cast, Doncaster’s flagship arts organisation managed to secure £1,280,000 over the next four years. That, along with their already amazing fundraising team, will allow Cast to carry on delivering world-class culture at a pretty reasonable price.

Deborah Rees, Director of Cast, issued a statement reaffirming Cast’s commitment to “bringing people together to be proud of their town and recognise the arts as part of their shared experience”.

Knowing me, knowing you and knowing Cast then we are sure they will achieve brilliant things with the money.


darts (Doncaster Community Arts) – £523,524


Doncaster Community Arts is a team of talented people who collaborate together to create a programme to inspire learning, build good emotional health and strengthen professional practice for everyone in Doncaster. To further help them with this admirable goal then they’ve been granted £523,524 over the next four years.

With over 25 years of experience in Doncaster they certainly know how to engage with both communities and individuals with very positive results.


Doncaster Heritage Services – £400,000


Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, part of Doncaster Heritage Services, has been awarded £400,000 over the next four years. I’m sure this will help them to put on more exciting exhibits like their upcoming event with a paleontologist from the University of Manchester. I can’t really tell you much more about the event as the moment I saw the word “dinosaur” I decided it was a must see event and no-more information would be necessary.  Whatever you’re doing on Saturday 1st July then head down to the museum for 12pm (or 3:30pm) to meet their baby T-Rex. Oh baby T-Rex, I’ve been waiting for you.


Higher Rhythm Ltd – £216,000


Higher Rhythm Ltd is an award-winning not for profit organisation, providing music, media, digital and creative industry activities for the Yorkshire region. Over the next four years they will be receiving £216,000 to help them support new artists throughout Doncaster, as well as helping them to continue running Sine FM 102.6, Doncaster’s only locally owned radio station, broadcasting 24/7 for 365 days per year, thank you for the music.



Love isn’t easy, and Arts Council England can’t help everyone, even when they scream “take a chance on me!”.

Theatre Delicatessen – “snubbed”


They seem to be taking it well, with only minor bitterness on Twitter at being “snubbed” by Arts Council England. Theatre Delicatessen is also continuing its move to a new location in Sheffield, let’s just hope they won’t be signalling an SOS in a years time.

Roland Smith, Co-Artistic Director of Theatre Deli said:

“We are, of course, disappointed with the Arts Council announcement, particularly as our conversations with them had seemed so positive. The demands on Arts Council by larger and more established organisations means that it is difficult for younger, local and regional arts organisations to break through. We are committed to continuing our work with people from across the Sheffield community.”

We were never a big fan of Theatre Delicatessen, it all felt very…school Christmas play, but any loss to the arts is a loss to the cultural landscape of the country.

When all is said and done then there is only so much money available.

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