BLOCK: “If Jenga and Stonehenge had a baby”.

“And now for something completely different.” That infamous line spoken by John Cleese in Monty Python is extremely fitting here, as last Friday saw BLOCK come to Sir Nigel Gresley Square outside Cast in Doncaster. BLOCK is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, it combines insane acrobatic skill with enormous “stone” blocks, no points for working out where the name comes from.


Anyone in the crowd old enough to have played Jenga as a child (I don’t imagine kids these days play any game that doesn’t involve colourful creatures and a smartphone) or doesn’t think gravity is witchcraft, was understandably nervous from the start. As Isaac Newton said “what goes up, must come down”, and that was clearly at the forefront of many peoples minds. Thankfully there weren’t any mishaps, but really we didn’t expect any from such a talented troupe of artists and such a professional company. Instead we were treated to an amazing display of raw skill and the incredible versatility and different shapes that can be created and climbed on with huge blocks.

block 2
Not so strong and stable

BLOCK is the brainchild of NoFit State Circus and Motionhouse, and if this is anything to go by then they make a cracking team, so we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on both of them. It’s always nice to see such a large crowd at art and culture events. Cast is a brilliant organisation which gives people the chance to indulge in high quality performance art and if it’s not appreciated and realised for the opportunity it is then it could very well be lost.

If you liked BLOCK, or regret missing it, then Motionhouse returns to Cast in October with Charge, an electrifying new multi-media production exploring themes of energy, from the power of the Sun and Earth’s weather systems to how energy in our own bodies work. This is probably going to be just as breathtaking as BLOCK, maybe even more so!

If you want to buy tickets for Charge then the link is here, for this weekend only you can get money off with the code: BLOCK17, so don’t delay!

block 4

This amazing event was programmed by Right Up Our Street as a preview for the DNweekeND Festival, coming to Doncaster in September. This festival is produced and funded by Right Up Our Street and is packed with dance, theatre, circus, music and much more. I know what I’ll be doing on the 8th September to the 10th!

More information on DNweekeND Festival can be found here.

Free events like these really help to showcase the brilliant work that Cast helps to bring to Doncaster, and the crowds certainly showed that there is an appetite for this sort of thing. If you’re interested in another free event then in September, Cast is bringing The Colour of Light to Doncaster. The Colour of Light will feature massive wheels of colour set to music and should be a spectacular event. It’s free, what have you got to lose?!

More information on The Colour of Light can be found here.

Cast is a charity and relies on your support to help it bring these amazing events for free to Doncaster. If you like their work and want to donate then you can do so here. As this is 2017 and everyone is glued permanently to their phones (you’re probably reading this on a phone right now) you can donate £5 to Cast by texting CAST05 £5 to 70070. £5 is still far less than you’d expect to pay for performances of this caliber!

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