King Charles III: “God save the TV”

This week the BBC showed a highly controversial TV adaptation of a 2014 play of the same name. I was lucky enough to see the production in Sheffield while on its UK tour and this screen adaptation was pretty much a carbon copy, with a few minor differences.


The biggest difference between the stage production and watching it at home is that at home you can snack on Weetabix while you watch it in your pants, something which is probably frowned upon in a theatre.

The casting was much better in the TV version, with one exception, Richard GouldingĀ (Prince Harry). Richard Goulding is a very funny actor and also played Prince Harry in The Windsors on Channel 4, unfortunately he just felt very out of place in a serious drama and I couldn’t stop seeing him as the more comedic version. The late Tim Pigott-Smith was remarkable as Charles and also played the roleĀ on Broadway and the West End. However, this leads me back to my original point, why pay for overpriced tickets and have to sit in uncomfortable seats surrounded by other people when you could watch basically the same thing for free in the comfort of your own home?

It has long been my belief that theatre is for the few, not the many and this adds to that belief. Take note Corbyn. In this age of austerity we should probably be looking at art spending, especially when an adaptation of this quality can be produced for everyone to enjoy, instead of just those people with disposable income. I could write a whole blog about the bizarre decisions those working in the arts make, and the taxpayers money we give them instead of spending it on necessary things for everyone.


King Charles III also featured a scheming Kate Middleton, a slapping Camilla and the ghost of Princess Diana, so there’s something to offend everyone.

If you’ve got the time then you can find it on the BBC iPlayer here for the next 29 days.


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